Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Best Kept Secrets Tour - September 22 - October 8

 Join in the fun! The Rosemary House is part of this special event.

What do a chocolate shop, a gourd farm, a tearoom and a purveyor of fine oils and vinegars have in common? They are 4 of the 24 tour stops on the Cumberland County Best Kept Secrets Tour! Cumberland County is full of hidden gems but many of us have not had the chance to explore our own backyard. It is time for a local fall adventure and the Cumberland County Best Kept Secrets Tour is just the event to help you find all the tucked away treasures this county has to offer. Do you know where to find the shop with 55 loose-leaf teas, sugars and local honey or the gallery with it’s own resident fine art carver? A shop with imported UK and Irish groceries? A beautiful bohemian chic boutique? A bottle of famous Sadie’s dressing? The Queen Anne full of good cheer? How about the spot where you can get a freshly made soft pretzel on Thursdays? Where to find fall flowers, pumpkins and gourds? Where to find the largest gourd crafting company in the world? The herb shop celebrating 54 years? Or where “your journey begins with a single stitch”? These spots and many more can be visited during the tour. The Cumberland County Best Kept Secrets Tour runs September 22 thru October 8. Set up like a home or garden tour, you’ll travel place to place, in your own vehicle, enjoying all the special free things (refreshments, games, gifts, demos, workshop tours, raffles, etc.) the businesses have planned for you. Your ticket is valid the entire time—do what you can in a day or tour all the days—it’s up to you. Plus, every business gives you a valuable coupon. Tickets, available at The Rosemary House, are $11 each ($1 per ticket is donated to Bethany House of Cumberland County) and are on sale beginning August 1st in our businesses. So, not only will you enjoy all the surprises throughout the county, you will also be helping a local non-profit and supporting your local economy. What a great way to enjoy the fall season!

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Marilyn Miller said...

Now this sounds like lots of fun. Wishing I was close enough to participate.