Monday, August 27, 2018

A Magical Fairy Door Hunt

The 25th Annual Fairy Festival is scheduled for Saturday, September 8th and Sunday, September 9th. Held in the herb gardens behind the shop, and sprawling into the little alleyway behind the business, this event is perfect for ages 3 - 11, and all who believe!
Do you believe in fairies?

One of the activities at the Fairy Festival is a fairy door hunt. These colorful and creative fairy doors appear throughout the garden, tucked in little nooks and crannies, just waiting to be discovered!

Some folks try to find every door and others just enjoy the surprise of finding one or two.

I am sure someone special lives here.

We've been told this is the hardest one to find!

Would you hunt for fairy doors?

Won't you come and play with us! Find all the details about the upcoming Fairy Festival on this website:

Monday, August 20, 2018

Fairy Garden Fun

Each year a few folks gather in the gardens to create a little fairy garden to take home with them. We provide a log planter and some fun plants the fairies might favor. Plants to provide privacy screens, or plants with silvery foliage to reflect the moonlight, or creeping thyme plants to offer a soft bed for the fairies to take a fragrant nap.
A variety of natural objects to make tables, chairs, and shelters are provided to add to the miniature garden. Then little trinkets and treasures and found objects are tucked here and there to complete the decorations.
After a short program and some fairy stories everyone begins to plant and create. Ponds, swings, picnic areas, bridges, nooks and crannies, and special spots are created for the wee folk. A touch of sparkly glitter finishes the project!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Ann's Cupcakery, Mechanicsburg

These adorable cupcakes were created by Ann's Cupcakery, a licensed in-home bakery located in Mechanicsburg, PA. The adorable little teacups perched atop the swirl of frosting were hand crafted and decorated by Ann. Her goal is to create cupcakes that are visually appealing and delicious, a goal that was achieved with this special cupcake order. For more information about Ann, visit her Facebook page. She also hosts cupcake decorating classes.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Happy Birthday!

Birthday celebrations abound this month. From these adorable little cupcakes complete with petite tea cups and saucers jauntily balanced atop a twisty swirl of buttercream frosting from a local bakery to NJ and PA tea room celebrations, one which included this tasty array of sweets on a special Happy Birthday plate. There has been a prelude of blessings from family with celebrations in PA and NY, all sisters accounted for in joining in the fun, complete with a fabulous dinner prepared by the youngest leading up to a special day of birthday greetings from friends across the country and around the globe. Lots of love and hugs!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Vintage Cosmetic Collection

Earlier this spring we hosted a "Tea in the Boudoir" event where collector Cheryl Harmon shared her vintage compacts, lipstick cases, cosmetic cases and a few perfume bottles including a rather large bottle of "An Evening in Paris".
This vintage cosmetic table was a crowd favorite. It is a stylish table that opened to reveal access to your cosmetic.

Cheryl also highlighted a few cosmetic advertisements including one by Tangee lipstick Co encouraging women to feel feminine during World War II --" Beauty must be Served"  and "Beauty on Duty".
She also shared a variety of ads and cosmetics for all of the many skin tones women have. It was a lovely afternoon. We love it when our tea party guests have fun with the theme!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Summer Supper on the Susquehanna

The Millersburg Ferry is the longest running double stern paddle wheeler, and the last known wooden ferry running in the United States. Although records only date back to 1817, it is suspected to have started running in the late 1700's. It is the only ferry service still in operation along the entire 464 mile Susquehanna River transporting people and/or cars across the river. What a piece of history we have in our backyard! 
In the 1980's, Katy Olinger, (pictured above with Nancy and Susanna) owned Katy's Kitchen, a charming tearoom in Millersburg, PA. Katy would lease the ferry for an evening and hold "Summer Suppers on the Susquehanna". This event included a buffet supper catered by Katy and her staff served aboard the ferry, followed by an entertaining herbal program presented by our mother, Bertha Reppert. 

As part of our ongoing celebrations for big 5-0 celebration year, one of the "Throwback" events we held was a "Summer Supper on the Susquehanna" where guests brought a chair and enjoyed a ferry boat ride, supper and then a lecture on Herbs of Pennsylvania sharedd by Susanna. It was a peaceful evening in July, a true step back in time.

                                           Tranquility on the serene Susquehanna River.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

For the Bees

At the Michigan State University Gardens, we came across this lovely exhibit on nesting for the bees. Bees are so critical to pollination and they need our help!

I loved the simplicity of some of these Bee Houses.  'Course here in Pennsylvania we would need to paint it blue and white! 

Friday, July 27, 2018

19th Century Chinese Tea Pots

How fun to stumble upon a teapot display at the Michigan State Museum of Science and Culture. A teapot was used to show that culture is adaptive. Teapots are dynamic and reflect the constant change in cultures. They are symbolic; the preparation, service, consumption of tea all represent symbolic functions. Teapots are diverse. While tea is consumed all over the world there are many differences in the type of tea used, how it is prepared, the equipment used and its social functions. 
Enjoy these dynamic, symbolic, and diverse teapots from the display.
Porcelain double chamber tea pot

Copper and Enamel Tea Pot

Porcelain, late 18th C., blue and yellow enameling in Nepali style

Carved red lacquer Teapot with figures in relief

Unglazed clay Teapot in the shape of a finger citron

Crystal, 18th Century Agate Teapot with carved loose rings

18th Century Jade Teapot

Pewter Teapot, with copper cover of woven basketry design

Pewter Teapot, coconut shell exterior, carved in relief

Monday, July 23, 2018

1,000,000 Tea Tags

Ever wonder what One Million Tea Tags would look like?  Mrs. Miller's class at Good Shepard School began collecting tea tags years and years ago to get to 1 million.  And they achieved this milestone! 

When they reached one million, they thought
Guinness Book of World Records. Guinness, however, wanted one million unique tea tags and since there were duplicates in the pile, sadly they did not qualify. 

So Mr. Miller set out to organize the tea tags and see just how many unique tags they had. He created a huge notebook with pages and pages and more pages of tea tags organized and sorted by company, flavor, colors of tea tags, quotes on the tea tags and however else he could sort and organize. This job took another two years.
Finally, during the Arts Night at Good Shepard School, there was an official, supervised, videotaped, authenticated counting of the individual tea tags to submit to Guinness World Record.

Susanna was part of the official counting process.  The total number of individual and unique tea tags was 9,217.  We have yet to hear back from Guinness. We will keep you posted. We are happy to report that the One Million Tea Tags will be on display at the Pennsylvania Tea Festival, Friday and Saturday, September 28 and 29, 2018.