Tuesday, February 15, 2022

A Valentine's Day Tea - 2022

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but not without a celebration in the tea room. Forever Yours Spritzer awaited the guests arrival. A strong brew of naturally caffeine free Forever Yours tea (available at The Rosemary House), chilled and mixed with your favorite lemon lime soda creates this colorful and refreshing punch.
Once everyone has selected their personal pot of tea, the salad is served. The "I Love You!" Salad included fresh Spring salad greens topped with plump raspberries, sweet raisins, pecans and feta crumbles and then dressed with a Love is... Raspberry Champagne Vinaigrette.

The sandwich plate included All you need is love Turkey & Havarti Cheese with Orange Cranberry Marmalade, Be Mine Valentine! Herbed Party Sandwich on Rye Bread topped with a heart, Spicy & Sassy Radish and Chive Sandwich on Pumpernickel with a petite heart on top, A Bushel and a Peck Ham Salad Heart open faced on white bread, Sweet Nothings Fruited Chicken salad with a pair of hearts, and my Heart's Delight Raspberry and Pecan Brie Tartlet completed the sextet of sandwiches.

The scone course featured our Love Me Tender Traditional English Cream Scone and a Love Me Sweet Double Chocolate heart shaped Scone with mini chocolate chips. Also on the plate were Love Me Dear sweet cream and raspberry preserves for the scones, and two 'stuffed' strawberries, one with Love Me True Sweet Mascarpone Cream and the other with I Love You so! Chocolate Cream.

For dessert, Hugs and Kisses Coconut & Pecan Petite Cake, Cutie Pie Raspberry Mousse Filled Chocolate Cup, Sweetheart Chocolate Cheese Cupcake, and Loves Me, Loves Me Not Raspberry Linzer Cookie.
Vintage Valentine candy boxes complete the holiday theme.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Pamela's Victorian Bell Mansion Afternoon Tea

A girl's excursion took us (Susanna and Nancy) north to Bellwood, PA via State College to pick up two college seniors (Angelica and Sara) for an early Valentine's Day tea party at Pamela's Victorian Bell Mansion. We have wanted to visit this tea room ever since Angelica started college, Pamela announced this may be her last month serving tea so we quickly made reservations. We were all thrilled to see that we had a Sunday free on a day she was serving.

The table was adorned to the max, festively set with matching Royal Albert china and coordinating cloth placemats. A delicate pedestaled cup of Raspberry Sorbet was waiting for our arrival and provided a refreshing start to our culinary adventure. A pot of Pamela's Personali-Tea was already on the table. A flavorful black tea with bold spicy notes was warming on this chilly Sunday afternoon.
The first course included a Strawberry Salad topped with your choice of feta cheese or cheddar. Tomatoes, strawberries, almonds, and fresh feta mixed with an assortment of spring greens provided a lovely start to our afternoon tea service.

Pamela presented each course with a flourish and a description of what in included. Here she is sharing the tiered tray of Afternoon Tea Sandwiches. Our pot of Pamela's Personali-Tea was empty so we ordered a pot of Raspberry Chocolate Tea. The other flavor option was Strawberry Chocolate which we enjoyed after our desserts arrived.

 On the top tier, there were cucumber squares and chicken salad in mini croissants, along with a ham sandwich with Dijon mustard. The bottom tier held a cranberry cream spread on cinnamon bread, and a walnut and cream cheese on a cinnamon swirl sweet bread. They were all very tasty.

The final presentation was served atop a pedestaled cake plate and that held the scones and Valentine sweets. Two large footed dishes graced the table with Pamela's sweet cream and strawberry preserves. The scones included a choice of English cream or chocolate chip. The sweets featured a crisp Italian cookie with a delicate anise flavor, and a chocolate truffle. 
There was a lot to look at around the tea room. Pianos, teapots, Victorian frou frou, and lovely decorations set the scene. The 1822 historic house is decorated from top to bottom. Here are just a few of the nooks and corners. Pamela told us that the house was just sold, so I'm not sure what that means for the tea room. She has been serving tea here for 20 years. We are so glad that we got to experience this beautiful destination.