Thursday, September 12, 2019

Tea Time at the Fairy Festival

This over sized teacup is a permanent fixture in the garden. It is the perfect spot for photo ops and elicits a lot of memories for many of our local customers. We purchased it at auction when Williams Grove Amusement Park closed down. It's fun to have this piece of local history in the garden. The original color is the orange you see around the saucer and on the inside of the tea cup. An artistic friend painted it for us, and we let him use his imagination and creativity to paint it as he visioned it. He decided to highlight the fairy festival. The pair of gnomes were placed there for the arrival of the fairies at our Fairy Festival. Once the festival is over, they are tucked away until next year.
Thyme for Tea! 
Adorable Fairy Tea Set Centerpiece
Miniature Asparagus Tea set!
Many imaginary tea parties in the garden

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Fairy Festival - 2019

The Rosemary House Fairy Festival for 2019 occurred this past weekend. We were blessed with fabulous weather, and fairies and friends came and frolicked in the garden on Saturday and Sunday. Here's a quick peek at some of the festivities. The garden is decorated with trinkets and treasures to discover along the way. Pinks, purples, blues, and all shades in between add color; toss in a sprinkling of fairy dust and you have magic.

Fairies and bubbles gather around the giant teacup.
Vendors line Rosemary Alley
Making magic fairy wands under the pavilion.
Fairy Lily crafting  fairy wands.
Big Shoe Productions Puppet Show
Fairy Food on the fly. Fairy Cakes and sweet treats.
Fairy Godmother telling stories.
Wings and more wings!
Our favorite Unicorn and the Trinket Trading Post.
Caroline MIddendorf (author) reading The Prince & The Dragon 
Lining up for the Fairy Walk
Fairy Magic
Woodland Whispers Faerie
Fairy Tattoos 
The Enchanted Teapot Princesses
Finding fairies in the garden.
Playing along with the fairy fun!

Friday, September 6, 2019

September - time for the Fairy Festival!

We have marched right into September, and with that, activities are in full swing for the upcoming 26th Annual Fairy Festival held in the gardens of The Rosemary House and Sweet Remembrances. The gardens are being decorated with all things fairy, bright colors abound, twirling things and miniature tables and chairs. It is a complete transformation.
In the tea room, we have unpacked all the miniature tea sets and they have been placed on the tables to be enjoyed by the festival attendees, to be played with, and to pretend they are having tea with the fairies.

An assortment of tiny teacups adorn each table inside, and the tables that are set up outside also. There are many sturdier tea sets that are placed about the garden in anticipation of a host of pretend tea parties taking place with the fairies. It makes us smile. We hope to share photos after the event, but visit our Facebook page for pictures from years past!

A few extra special fairy treasures are placed a little higher on the shelves, to be admired from a distance, but still enjoyed. Over the years, the tea pot fairy collection grows. It's fun to pull them out and play with them in preparation for the festival. Need more details? Visit the website for the schedule of events and other information.We hope to see you, Saturday, September 7th and Sunday, September 8th from 10 am to 4 pm.  Wear your wings!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Celebrating an August Birthday!

A homemade dinner, enjoyed under the pavilion in the herb gardens, with family and cake. What could be any better? 
Susanna and Angelica commandeered the kitchen one afternoon, and with chopping, slicing, sauteing and baking there was a complete healthy dinner and lots of happy dancing from the birthday girl. New recipes discovered on the Internet at Connoisseurus Veg provided the inspiration for a fabulous birthday dinner. The entree featured a delicious pasta dish that mixed spaghetti with roasted cauliflower and summer tomatoes topped with a hummus sauce and fresh from the garden basil. Yum!
Crispy black bean taquitos served with a pumpkin coconut dipping sauce rounded out the menu.  Also, yum!

And well, what's a birthday without cake. Susanna always manages to find a new bakery, and simply requests a tea themed cake. Every year there is always a beautiful cake.
Thank you to Angelica and Susanna for the surprise birthday dinner! Researching recipes, grocery shopping, cooking, all of it! Thanks to David for traveling to pick up the cake. And Cedar, our Wildcat football player was able to join in the festivities after practice. What fun!

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Drawing Room, Cos Cob, CT

A recent jaunt to visit our NY family included a surprise day trip to Cos Cob, CT where The Drawing Room serves Afternoon Tea in their cafe/tea house.
Since you may order off the menu, some of us selected the complete Afternoon Tea while others ordered a selection of tea sandwiches combined with a few desserts.

The tea choices were varied and our table had a selection from Silver Tips White Tea to a Ginger Citrus Peach Green Tea to a spicy Vanilla Chai. The loose leaf tea is served in a plain white pot with the leaves contained in a strainer within the pot.
This three tiered tray served three of us. It held scones on the bottom tier, sandwiches in the middle, and as assortment of little desserts on the top tier. The sandwich assortment included egg salad, cucumber with boursin cheese, and roasted chicken salad or avocado spread for the vegetarian option. There was a variety of scones to choose from including blueberry, cranberry, plain, or cheddar cheese for a savory option served with cream and jelly. The dessert plate held a variety of sweet treats from macarons to petit fours to chocolate tarts. All very yummy.

Cedar ordered the chocolate brownie with whipped cream to accompany his teacup of hot chocolate also topped with cream.

This was a fun surprise early happy birthday celebration with the family! This was actually our second visit to The Drawing Room. In the summer of 2006 (before we began blogging), we stopped here en route to a Rhode Island vacation getaway. According to my journal, our tiered tray included "egg salad, chicken salad, cucumber sandwich, choice of scones, read devon cream, jelly, and small pastries, several chocolate, lemon tartlets and one blueberry garnish". Much the same menu as our most recent visit (including the blueberry garnish!). Also noted, we were seated outside on a little patio where we enjoyed tea "under a canopy, with a passing thunderstorm. Cedar danced in the rain and got soaked".

Monday, August 12, 2019

Pennsylvania Tea Festival

Coming up very soon! Friday, September 27 and Saturday, September 28, 2019 in the gardens of the Rosemary House and Sweet Remembrances in downtown Mechanicsburg, PA. Celebrating our third year, we feature the Camellia sinensis plant from which tea is harvested and processed.Visit our tea festival website for all the details, programs, specialty tea tastings, and vendors.

TICKET information HERE
FAQs and Online Ticket Purchase.
Tickets are also available at the Rosemary House.

There will be vendors in the gardens, and also along Rosemary Alley. Specialty teas, unique tea and herbal blends, yixing teapots, hand whisked bowls of matcha, tea advent calendars, travel tea ware, tea cozes, and more. Everything tea!

There are featured programs scheduled throughout the day (Friday schedule, Saturday schedule). These lectures are included with the price of the admission ticket. Seating is on a first come basis. New this year is the Literary Corner. Cozy mystery authors will be joining us for a casual chat session and book signing. (Friday schedule, Saturday schedule). These sessions are also included with the admission ticket.
Specialty guided tea tastings are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, but are limited in size and need a separate ticket. It is strongly suggested you purchase this ticket in advance (Friday schedule, Saturday schedule).
We are grateful to all the sponsors of the PA Tea Festival.
Tea Time Magazine           Tea by Two Tea for All                  The Essential Herbal
International Tea Sippers Society                     Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association