Sunday, January 20, 2019

Teatime for Kitty

Surprise presents are always the best! Our newest staff member brought a cat toy for our garden cats. She simply couldn't pass up this teacup cat toy when she saw it at a local pet store with her mom. Teacup shaped and filled with two little catnip tea bags, it was a very thoughtful gift.

Friskie, our garden cat, and the only one that enjoys catnip, checked it out, but sadly, wasn't really interested. He obviously prefers the fresh stuff. He'll have to wait for spring to enjoy that treat.

Here's Friskie with his nose in a healthy crop of fresh catnip. He has a wealth of catnip within his reach - spring thru summer and fall. He'll wait for the real deal.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tea Themed Ornaments

This delightful variety of tea themed ornaments were all tucked in my Christmas stocking. This pretty ceramic teapot, made in Britain, is the Portmeirion design, Rosa canina (Dog Rose) from their Botanic Garden collection. It has all the subtle designs associated with Portmeirion including the butterflies, only in miniature. It will be fun to add this to the tea pot tree.
This soft crocheted ornament was discovered at the Ten Thousand Villages shop in our area. Ten Thousand Villages promotes a global 'maker to market' concept. This was hand crafted in Vietnam, and although it's actually labeled cappuccino, it will still fit in with the tea themed ornaments.

This little tea cup was a souvenir from the Magnolia Plantation that we visited in October. Not sure how I passed it up, but on of my sisters plucked it from the display and it found its way into the stocking. A perfect reminder of a special visit to South Carolina last year. Of course the design on the cup is a magnolia blossom.                                                                                                                                                                Be sure to look for these ornaments on the tree when it returns to its table top spot later this year! 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy New Year!

We bid farewell to 2018 with our annual Candlelight Tea. This past year there were actually two candlelight teas, one on the 30th and again on the 31st. It is a tranquil way to end the year, and celebrate the promise of a hopeful, happy, and healthy new year. The evening tea begins with a Salad that featured leafy greens, fresh pears, white cheddar cheese, maple candied pecans, thin slices of red onion, and a Maple Dijon Dressing. Yumminess on a plate.

The Sandwich course included Cranberry Apple Chicken Salad, Melted Brie & Apple Crostini, warm Pistachio Bacon Asparagus Rollups, Olive Pepper Pinwheels, and Pear Chutney Goat Cheese Baguette served with your choice of hot tea.

Scones included Traditional English Cream Scone and a White Chocolate Apricot Scone served with fresh fruit, cream and jelly. Always served warm and fresh from the oven, these are popular!

 Holiday desserts included a miniature Caramel Pecan Cream Pie, Pistachio Shortbread Stars and Neopolitan Wedges. A fitting end to the year.

The tea room has been restored to its tranquil blue theme, the holiday decor, tea cups, and other festive decorations have been safely stowed until we find ourselves in the throws of another holiday season. Until then, here's looking forward to a happy and healthy 2019. May the new year be bright!