Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Holiday Decor - 2022

A peek back at some of the holiday decorations that graced Sweet Remembrances tea room this past season. Hope all your celebrations were (still are) merry!

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Election Day Afternoon Tea

This past Sunday we celebrated an early Election Day Tea in Sweet Remembrances coupled with a program on Fashions and Fads of Elections presented by April Thomas of Fashions Revisited. The tea room set the scene with red-white-and-blue place settings and floral arrangements.

The menu quietly announced the coming courses. "By Popular Vote, the winning Salad is a combination of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, Feta cheese, and Chef Tim's Dressing."
"Celebrate Election Day and Afternoon Tea Sandwiches 
with high spirits and great positivity!" 
The sandwiches included an Apricot and Apple chicken Salad on a party roll with a flag, a triangular Sliced Turkey with Parsley Shallot Mayonnaise, Veggie Confetti Rounds with a turnip cut in the shape of a star, Chutney Pear Sandwich on pumpernickel, and Toasted Apple and Swiss Cheese Melt.

"Voting is our right and our responsibility. Please Vote!" 

This course featured a slice of Lemon Blueberry Bread and an Apple Cinnamon Scone with Sweet Cream. There was a medley of red-white-and-blueberries (strawberries, bananas, and blueberries) topped with caramel cream and red Pineapple Sage blossoms in full bloom in the garden now.

And for dessert, "Your Vote Counts! Vote for One!"
We offered a Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (I), a Donkey Shortbread Cookie (D), and an Elephant Sugar Cookie (R).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
It's Election Day today! Please Vote!

Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween!


Several Halloween Teas took place in Sweet Remembrances this spooky season. This trio joined us yesterday for one of our hauntingly delightful teas. Earlier in the month we also welcomed members of the Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association for their quarterly meeting.

 A welcoming reception greeted members as they arrived. Miniature Broccoli Quiche, Traditional English Cream Scones with sweet cream and jelly, and fresh fruit with a caramel cream dip, were offered alongside a variety of hot teas. A program on Trends in Tea presented by Mike Raab of Tea-for-All followed the morning reception. President Karen Donnelly of Greenhalgh Tea greets members before the session begins. Members from MD-NJ-PA joined us for our in person gathering while members from AZ-NH-WA joined via zoom.

Following the program and a visit to The Rosemary House, our Halloween themed tea was served. The first course featured our "Boo-berry salad" with romaine lettuce, fresh 'boo'berries, croutons, and a homemade lemon dressing.

The spooky assortment of sandwiches included a RIP Pimiento Cheese Coffin, the Bermuda Triangle Chicken Salad Sandwich, The Great Pumpkin cucumber sandwich, a Toasty Ghosty, and Egg Salad and Green Olive Cyclops Eye, and a Ghoulish filled Parmesan Tomato Rosemary Muffin.

The scone course featured a Pumpkin Scone with Sweet Cream and Orange Marmalade served with Orange slices and Wickedly Beastly Green Grapes.

The dessert medley held Matcha Ogre Eyes, the Wicked Witch of the West Finger, Candy Corn Cookie, and a Spicy Pumpkin Nut Roll Critter. A petite jellied pumpkin completed the plate. All served atop a jack-o-lantern napkin.
Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 20, 2022

"A Way of Life" Practical Herbalism Course Graduation Day!

Susanna introduced a combination 10-month immersive herbalism course that began in January and culminated with graduation day this October. Once a month, students attended a day long session combining herbal pioneer and superstar Rosemary Gladstar's Science and Art of Herbalism coupled with Susanna Reppert's years of herbal experience with her 'Way of Life' practical herbalism program. This unique blend of comprehensive information offered a full sensory experience in the classroom and in the garden. Students were able to see, touch, taste and smell the herbs while learning. The course covered medicinal herbalism with lifestyle tips about herbs from gardening, to culinary use, and even crafting. Based upon attendance, completion of various assignments, and class participation, students received dual certification from Rosemary Gladstar's Science and Art of Herbalism Course and Susanna Reppert's A Way of Life Practical Herbalism Course. And, graduation day was highlighted with a Wild Foods Pot Luck!

During the 10-month program, students packed their own lunch to enjoy during break. However, for the final class, a wild food pot luck luncheon was suggested for this last gathering of budding herbalists. And the herbal delicacies did not disappoint. A variety of jellies; from Dandelion, to Elderberry, to Sassafras, were offered with an equal variety of crackers and breads to sample. A flavorful fresh herbal cheese ball was served with wheat crackers.
There was a warm Wood Sorrel and Sweet Onion Tart served alongside Green Noodles with Parmesan Cheese. Tina Sams of the Essential Herbal shares some of the advance preparation done for her wild foods in this blog post here.

This artistic garden salad featured sorrel and nasturtium blossoms with an oil and vinegar dressing. A fresh fruit platter and crispy homemade seed crackers and a delicious blend of toasted granola could be found around the table.

Dehydrated Persimmons, colorful, chewy, and naturally sweet were unique in their simple beauty.

Several crockpots were filled with flavorful seasonal soups. Attendees enjoyed Jerusalem Artichoke Soup using artichokes harvested from The Rosemary House gardens.

Two yummy squash bisques offered a contrast in recipes, both delicious with a variety of autumnal seasonings. Of course everyone sampled and savored everything.

The dessert table was equally as varied and included Kousa Dogwood Pudding Cake, Vanilla Rosemary Cookies, Chocolate Zucchini Muffins (whole food plant based) and Peanut Butter Cookies, dairy free, gluten free and whole food plant based. There was a moist zucchini bread made with hemp seeds, too. Not shown were the unique beverages, an Autumnal Equinox blend with a variety of herbs and a cold brewed Raspberry Spritzer.
 Graduates received Certificates from both Rosemary Gladstar's Art and Science of Herbal Medicine and from Susanna Reppert's A Way of Life Practical Herbalism Course. 
May this foundation carry them forward on their herbal journey!

This course will be offered again starting in January 2023 and culminating with graduation in October. Detailed information can be found on our Special Events website here
A hearty congratulations to the first graduating class of "A Way of Life" Practical Herbalism Course. 

Monday, October 3, 2022

Flavors of Fall Afternoon Tea by Faith

Guest Chef Faith Cohick joined us in the tea room this past Sunday to present her Flavors of Fall Afternoon Tea. Assorted spices, fruits and veggies associated with fall made their appearance at this special afternoon event. Colorful fall leaves and assorted pumpkins and gourds graced the tables and shades of russet, gold, and red were front and center.

The first course featured a Fall Pasta Salad with a Vinaigrette Dressing. The beautiful colorful pile of twisted noodles reminded me of a pile of freshly fallen leaves! 

Sandwiches followed with a variety of fall flavors including Pimiento Cheese on White Bread, Fall Veggie Pinwheel on a Tomato Basil Wrap, Bacon and Egg Salad on Wheat Bread, warm Zucchini Herb Bite, Autumn Chicken Salad Croissant, and Apple Pie Tea Sandwich on Cinnamon Raising Bread. Yum!

The Scone course included a flavorful Maple Pumpkin Butterscotch Scone and a thick slice of Vanilla Pear Bread. Fresh Fruit, Spiced Applebutter, and Devonshire Cream completed the plate.

Rounding out the Afternoon Tea, the dessert trio included a petite cup filled with Creamy Caramel Dip topped with fall sprinkles and served with fresh Apple Slices, a chocolate covered Nutter Butter Truffle, and a Maple Snickerdoodle cookie.

Special thanks to Faith for her beautiful presentation, yummy interpretation of a theme, and lovely execution of this fall harvest event. Watch for additional special themed teas catered by Faith to be scheduled in the new year.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Afternoon Tea with TikTokker Amanda (@matta_of_fact)

Saturday, September 17th offers a very special event that features Royal expert and TikTok commentator Amanda (@matta_of_fact). Fellow Royal watchers are invited to a Meet and Greet Garden Party (10:00 am - 12:00) with light refreshments served in the gardens of The Rosemary House (this is a ticketed event - $5.00). Meet and mingle with Amanda and other fans of Royals during this casual morning gathering. Eventbrite ticket link below.

Afternoon Tea with a full royal menu served in Sweet Remembrances. Following the tea, Amanda will share her royal watching experience and what her journey has entailed, including some "lessons learned". She will also display her collection of tiaras.


Sweet Remembrances Lemon Caesar Salad 

Queen Adelaide Ham & Chicken Salad Triangle 
Cucumber & French Style Cheese Spread 
Susie's Garden Herbs & Garlic Vegetable Bar 
Green Apple & Havarti Cheese on Raisin Bread 
Egg Salad & Chives Filled Tartlet 

Oven Fresh Traditional English Cream Scone 
served with sweet cream and raspberry preserves 
Orange Glazed Poppyseed Tea Bread 
Fresh Orange Slices 

Petite Carrot & Pecan Cake 
Rosemary for Remembrance Cookie 
White Cake with Lemon Curd & Coconut Topping 
All Served with bottomless shared pots of tea
Pre-purchase tickets for either special event. Tickets are required for the Meet and Greet and also the Afternoon Tea Event. 

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Note: This event has ended.
Tiaras and fascinators encouraged!

Sunday, August 21, 2022

17 Berkshire, Memphis, TN - Patisserie and Afternoon Tea

Tucked away in Overton Square in Memphis is 17 Berkshire, a charming patisserie serving home baked French style pastries, macarons, coffee and afternoon tea. The pristine white interior starkly contrasted with the touches of gold décor, both around the patisserie and on the tea table. From the place setting with gold utensils to the golden tiered tray. they had established and achieved their signature look. 

Once seated, we were offered the option to select two tea flavors from their tea varieties. We had a Classic Green Tea and a flavored black. The tiered tray arrived shortly thereafter, laden with traditional tea fare.
The tea sandwich selection featured cucumber with a seasoned spread, a baguette slice with herbed butter, and a triangular turkey sandwich with raspberry jam. The scone selection included their basic cream scone and a petite blueberry scone, both served with a creamy lemon curd. Dessert was presented with a Filled Cream puff with a bittersweet chocolate glaze, one of their macarons, and a small square of decorated white cake.  Back on the road again, tea room vacation visit number three (and sadly, the last one) under our belt.