Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Finding Fairies in Mechanicsburg and in Ireland

We are gearing up for the 29th Annual Fairy Festival to be held this weekend, September 9th and 10th in the gardens of The Rosemary House and Sweet Remembrances. Our Jim Thorpe sister was in town last week to spruce up the fairy gardens, adding new trinkets and treasures, highlighting with touches of color and sparkle, and throwing in a sprinkling of magic, too. 
The fairies are ready to welcome any and all wee folk, trolls even, sprites, and pixies, too.

There is a small admission of $7.50 (kids under 3 are free), but there are a lot of activities in the garden for young and old to discover. And there's even more in Rosemary Alley to keep you entertained throughout the day. A variety of vendors are also in Rosemary Alley, too. Fairy Food on the Fly can be found on the side porch of Sweet Remembrances.

We're sure you will find a fairy or two hidden in our gardens in downtown Mechanicsburg. You just have to believe.

And while in Ireland, I'm sure we were walking among the fairies when we found this mossy glen. They are quick and quiet, but there none the less.

And while visiting the Kylemore Abbey we found a Fairy Trail. Tucked among a ring of trees and mossy grove were a variety of fairy land surprises to discover. Inspiration, fairies and more were quietly waiting to be discovered in this little hidden cove. 

Do you believe in fairies? 
Do fairies live in the bottom of your garden?