Monday, May 13, 2019

Happy Mother's Day Afternoon Tea!

Our Mother's Day celebration featured Afternoon Tea in Sweet Remembrances. A very wet rainy day didn't keep our guests away for this special annual event. It was a veritable bouquet of flowers for mom starting with colorful bouquets of flowers that graced the table, a perfectly formed rose napkin thanks to Angelica, and a cascade of flowers highlighted the menu of the day. One guest invited her dolly Emilu, dressed in 'Happy Mother's Day' attire, to join in the tea time fun. Thank you, DK! What fun!

Once our guests had their teacups filled, we served the appetizer which featured Spring Greens and Granny Smith Apples drizzled with a Balsamic Glaze coupled with a Fruited Cheese Ball and Assorted Crackers.
The sandwich plate featured a ring of savories that included Strawberry Chicken Salad with a heart shaped cutout top, Spinach Artichoke Crostini, Earl Grey Honey Butter Apple Sandwich, Cucumber & Mint Butter with a little heart top, Mayflower Sandwich, and Sliced Turkey with Parsley Shallot Mayonnaise.

For the next course, we served a Cinnamon Praline Scone, Triple Lemon Tea Bread and Orange Slices alongside a Strawberry filled with Basil Mascarpone Lime Cream.
Dessert was a trio of delicate sweets that included rose topped Italian Cream Cake, Frosted Poppyseed Cookie, and a Blueberry Cream Tartlet. It appears that Emilu enjoyed her first tea time experience at Sweet Remembrances!


Louca por porcelana said...

What a delightful Tea Time!Sweet flowers,gorgeous teacups,delicious food and a cute doll!Great celebration!

Linda Jennings said...

What a fabulous way for guests to celebrate Mother's Day!

Marilyn Miller said...

Yummm! What a lovely Mother's Day tea. I especially fascinated by that scone. It looks amazing! But then everything looks so good.

Angela McRae said...

This menu has my mouth watering, especially since I'm reading it pre-breakfast, and that Cinnamon Praline Scone would sure hit the spot right now. Love that the doll was a guest as well. Lovely! (Oh, and props to Angelica for the rose napkins!)