Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More on Garlic

Happy Halloween! Clear, Crisp Fall Weather today.

Our much in demand annual Garlic dinner was a delicious success last night. The program portion of the evening was on the "Genius of Garlic" and the amazing synergy that occurs within that bulb. We spoke on how the Allinin amino acid and the Allinase biological enzyme work together once the clove is crushed or chopped to create the Allicin -- the strongly medicinal constituent that is both antibacterial and antiviral as well as antifungal. The Allicin is unstable and begins to break down into Diallyl Disulphide which is also medicinally active especially on the blood stream for hypertension or cholesterol. On top of all that the amount of trace minerals that appear in proportionally high amounts are copper, iron, zinc, tin, calcium and magnesium (both needed for absorption of calcium), germanium, an anti-Cancer agent, and selenium which supports the activity of Vitamin E and C. And as if that's not enough Garlic also has Vitamin A, C, B1 plus some B2 and B3. It is the combination of the B1 (thiamine) and allicin which is true genius. The allicin aids in the absorption of the B1 vitamin through the digestive tract. This thiamine/allicin combination is not common in the plant world. What a ingenious design for this flavorful stinkin' rose! Last night we ate garlic in excess --which was lots of fun -- but really what is suggested is to ingest a small amount daily. So I'm on a crusade to get everyone to eat a little garlic daily. If we all ate a little garlic daily - then we would all smell alittle garlicy and the odor wouldn't be considered offensive.


La Tea Dah said...

Great post! And a good reminder. Garlic is a 'main ingredient' at our house --- and DH faithfully ingests some daily for his health. I am not quite so diligent. . .

:) LaTeaDah

Jessica Brown said...

I heart garlic! We just had a big old home-cooked broccoli in garlic sauce dinner!