Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Step Back in Time

We bid thee kindly welcome!
We celebrated the Medieval era last night as we hosted a 14th century multi-course feast in the tea room. The menu, served on trenchers (hollowed out thick slices of bread utilized as plates), consisted of Dilled Veal Balls, Cabbage Chowder, Golden Leeks and Onions, Puree of Peas, Baked Herbed Eggs, Mixed Pickles, Chicken and Rice with Almonds, Boiled Garlic, Mushrooms and Leeks, Pumpkin Bread with Lemon Curd, Hermits, Circlets, and Mulled Cider.
The Lords and Ladies in attendance received a brief touch on the etiquette of the era before the meal (share the 'messe' courteously, don't drink from a shared cup with your mouth full, don't pick your teeth with your knife, nor wipe your mouth on the tablecloth, do not gnaw bones, or tear meat to bits with your teeth or fingers, no belching or spitting please). In addition, the King's wash basin water was sampled to confirm that no one had attempted to poisoned him, the meal served, and a sampling of fresh figs from our fig tree preceded the presentation on the fascinating lore and history of herbs utilized in foods, medicines, as poisons or amulets.
Fare thee well.


Anonymous said...

And a wonderful time was had by all. It was a great experience with tasty food topped with a peek into the world of our ancestors. Of course, I'm sure mine were sitting below the salt.

Linda Jennings said...

You two sisters are amazing! I'm sure the evening was great fun!