Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tea Tray at Gypsy's

It's always fun to have a reason to 'go to tea'; and Monday provided that reason! We attended the Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association annual seminar which was held at Gypsy's Tea Room in Westminster, MD. We were first served a delicious fresh salad with a choice of two dressings, and then we each had a butterscotch scone with cream and jelly. After the salad and scone, this beautiful tea tray was placed center stage in the middle of the table, laden with scrumptious morsels and tasty treats! The bottom tier had an artichoke, feta, and salmon quiche, plus a cucumber sandwich, a tasty cream cheese spread on brown bread, and a cheese and turkey spiral. On the middle tier, a nice variety of fresh fruit surrounded little peanut butter parfait cups. The top held the cutest colorful decorated Easter egg cookies and a chocolate truffle. Beautiful! and Yummy! If you're ever in the area of Westminster, MD, a visit to Gypsy's Tea Room is a must. It is situated in a beautiful old building that has been transformed into a memorable tea room, each room more beautiful than the next.

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Linda J. said...

I am glad you had the opportunity to GO to tea. The menu sounds wonderful and the three tier looks server is lovely!