Friday, October 9, 2009

Tea Tasting.... Ara-cha

Although Ara-cha is often referred to as 'crude tea', it is the tea that farmers and producers often drink as their 'everyday' tea. Typically it is steamed, crumpled, and dried right after it has been picked and consists of unsorted fresh tea, essentially the entire plant; stems, buds, leaves and other small pieces. The dried leaves are fragrantly fresh and of all sizes, from large leaves to tiny particles known as dust and fannings. Since it does not go through the regular grading process, it has uneven leaves and small pieces but for that very reason, retains its original flavor. The various sizes of leaf become even more noticeable upon inspecting the brewed leaf. The fresh green color also intensifies to a vibrant green once the leaves have been steeped.

Brewed at 170 degrees for 30 - 45 seconds, this Japanese tea produces a delicate pale olive-green infusion. To my palate, this tea is a gentle and soft brew with mild 'seaweed' undertones. With a slightly longer brewing time (just over a minute) the seaweed flavor intensifies. After tasting the tea, the flavor lingers in your mouth long after the last sip. There is a fresh aroma and clean smooth taste associated with this tea.

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parTea lady said...

I have never heard of this tea. Thank you for all this interesting information. It does sound like a lovely tea.