Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inspirations: A Celebration of Seasonal Style

Penn-Cumberland Garden Club held their annual Scholarship and Community Projects Benefit this past Monday. The speaker was Michael A Hasco AIFD and honors graduate of Pennsylvania College of Technology with a degree in Floral Design who has twice been a featured designer of the Philadelphia Flower Show. He presented a series of three vignettes of Holiday Decorating. Featured here is the Winter Techno Chic. Silvery and White with snow ball type orbs these striking designs are meant to carry you through the wintry months.
Talented Designer Michael Hasco.
This vignette is called "Traditional" since it features the reds and greens commonly associated with Christmas. Above is a great wreath which gifted Michael Hasco wired to a sturdy picture frame! He has incorporated fresh greens, fresh fruit and some permanent berries into this fabulous wreath.

An inspiring combination of fabric orbs and also fresh carnation orb displayed on candlesticks. Skilled Mr Hasco has created these rather large vignettes but pointed out that as home owners we can use a small part on the dining room table, another section on the mantle and perhaps even put a touch of decorating in the bathroom.

"We knew him when". This photo is from 1992, 17 years ago when Michael was in high school he worked in the back yard gardens of The Rosemary House. Always pleasant and smiling (even when cleaning the fish pond!) and also always creating clever plantscapes and pulling weeds with flourish we knew he was destined for greatness!


Marilyn Miller said...

Beautiful arrangements and isn't it fun to say I knew him when?

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

What talent! I particularly loved the greens with the green apples...That's so neat that you knew him "when." You should pat yourselves on the back...your enthusiasm and passion I am sure were a big contributing force to where he is today!
Donna (IA)