Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Violet Cordial

I recently read a short article about Creme Yvette, a 100 year old Violet liqueur that ceased production in the 1960's. I read the article a week or two ago when the lawns were brimming with violets. So I was inspired to make my own Violet Cordial. I began with this jar of violets and I poured vodka over the violets. I let them soak for two weeks in the vodka but was very disappointed in the result. So I went back to the violet lawn and gathered twice this amount of the remaining violets. Those I simmered in 1 C water and 1/2c sugar. This yielded a very floral tasting sugar water. But surprisingly it did not have a pretty purple color that I expected. Pleased with the results of the Violet sugar syrup. I combined the violet vodka and the violet sugar syrup together and have a floral liqueur, which I bottled in a pretty blue jar to compensate for the lack of color. (I am not too disappointed in the lack of color as I know the colors achieved from flowers often fade quickly anyway.) It has been aging for all of two days and the flavors are blending and mellowing together. I am sure next month it will be perfect. Never having tried Creme Yvette I don't know if I am close to the original recipe or not. I think I am probably off the mark a bit as I have read it has some Vanilla, berries and other spices in it also.

Violet Fizz
2 oz Violet Liqueur
1/2 oz lemon juice
Add to Club Soda
Optional: 1 t sugar


Marilyn said...

Fascinating idea! I have a feeling my violets are contaminated by wild life. I look forward to hearing how it turns out and what you do with it.

Carol said...

Sounds yummy....once again making me wish I had violets in my yard.

taylorsoutback said...

Will have to give your recipe a try next season...just used my violets to make violet jelly this morning. Our little patch is slow this year because of dryness. My dear neighbor shared her flowers with me!