Friday, July 2, 2010

Crafting Fairy Houses

We are sure there are many pleased fairies here in our area of Pennsylvania. Our recent Fairy House craft class taught by the Spoutwood Farm 'Queen of the May' BubbleFairy was a huge and happy success. Fairy abodes of all shapes and sizes were created to welcome the Fae. Why Build Fairy Houses?
*To invite fae into our gardens.
*To bring magic and whimsy back into our lives.
*To give fairies places to hide away from humans.

BubbleFairy's Tips for building your own fairy house:
Use natural and bio-degradable materials.
Know that your structures will eventually decay and go back to the earth.
Leave them undisturbed (fairies are neat and tidy so it is hard to tell when they visit!). You can string bells up in your houses to alert you as to when the fae visit.

Things to Use-Tiny grapevine wreaths, String Craft Sticks, Dried flowers, Stones, Shells, Moss, or Bark Hollow log.
BubbleFairy says to include any amenity you would want when house shopping for yourself. Such as: Arbors, Porch, Gazing Pool (Fairies are vain), Bridge, Tree house, Signs, Windows, Roof, Bed. Be creative! and Have Fun!


Marilyn said...

I would love a fairy house. I have been dreaming of one where it enters the trunk of my tree. Love the fairy houses here.

Karen June Miller said...

What a wonderful project! So much whimsy!

Hugs, KJ

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading

the report - most informative thanks