Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Apple Butter

A surprise Christmas gift for me this year came from my friend Dennis Mawhinney. Dennis is quite an amazing gardener and he loves herbs too, particularly culinary and fragrant herbs. In a casual conversation with Dennis I mentioned that I wished I could still find apple butter with Sassafras in it. Dennis was surprised at this but I insisted the old timers used to add a little 'sassyfras' along with other spices when making apple butter. Well! Friend Dennis scoured the farm stands and farmers market until he found apple butter made with real sassafras. Lucky me! A delicious treat. I particularly enjoy a dollop of apple butter on top of some cottage cheese.

Check out Wikipedia for additional Apple Butter history. It is a treat that the Germans brought to PA. Often referred to as the PA Dutch (they weren't Dutch at all , but German) they would make apple butter to use as a spread on bread. There is no dairy at all in apple butter, instead the apples are simmered with apple cider until it thickens and the apples caramelize into a dark, thick preserve. Follow this link for a good apple butter recipe.


Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Oh, we love apple butter!! I never thought to put it on cottage cheese...great idea!! Thanks for sharing... Hope you are having a good Wednesday!! Wishing I was in PA having tea with you. Donna

Marilyn said...

I love apple butter, but have never heard of it with sassyfras or on cottage cheese. When my husband and I married he asked me to make apple butter. I had never had it, so wasn't sure what it should taste like. Our landlady gave me a recipe that was so terrible, but I thought this must be what husband likes. He didn't like it either. It took a while before I tasted good apple butter.