Sunday, October 30, 2011

Army Survival Garden

The other Sunday, our family outing featured a visit to the United States Army Heritage and Education Center, located just down the road in Carlisle, PA.  This cool place has a mile long army heritage trail which features exhibits from every era.   Think trenches, forts, tanks, helicopters, barracks and more tracing through the history of the US Army.  

Wondering through the trail, we came across a small Army Survival Garden,  winding down its growing season as we approach late fall, there were raspberry bushes,  nettles, grasses (for seed), plantain, asparagus and other wild edibles contained within a small makeshift fenced area.  As I was looking at it and reading the placard,  Angelica pointed out that I "can find a garden to look at anywhere we go."

The sign states:  From the very beginning the United States Army has taught Survival
skills and techniques. A major part of that training has always been
the identification of eatable plants to subsidize the diet until rescue
or return to civilization occurred.

Having survival skills is important; having the will to survive is
essential. Without a desire to survive, acquired skills serve little
purpose and invaluable knowledge goes to waste.

Survival covers a wide range of subjects including the psychology of
survival, unique and fascinating ways of obtaining food and water,
shelter-building, fire-building, and navigation.

This exhibit demonstrates a few of the native eatable plants from FM
3-05.70, how to identify them and where to find them.


S-- Size Up The Situation
(Surroundings, Physical Condition, Equipment)

U-- Use All Your Senses
Undue Haste Makes Waste

R-- Remember Where You Are

V-- Vanquish Fear and Panic

I-- Improvise

V-- Value Living

A-- Act Like the Natives

L-- Live By Your Wits, But For Now,
Learn Basic Skills

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Angela McRae said...

Fascinating! I love how you find these unique gardens!