Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chinese Tea Garden at the Met, NYC

On one of our days in NYC the group divided up according to the Museum you most wanted to see. Some went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, others to the American Museum of Natural History, still others to the Museum of Modern Art. It was a tough choice for everyone because there is the Guggenheim and the Whitney and...
We choose the Met, where the Arms and Armor section kept the young ones happy, and I was thrilled to find myself in a Garden.  This is the entrance to the Chinese Tea Garden. The round door and the rectangular door along the slate walk entering a garden path represent the balance of Yin/Yang.

This peaceful Asian Garden Court brings the outdoors inside.  The windows in this wall are all different designs so that the person living here would never be bored.
Water is always an important element in Asian gardens both to be seen and to be heard. 

This is such a lovely way to spend a winter day.
The above photo is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Website, it shows the design best with the covered walkway representing the house and the delightful courtyard.


Marilyn said...

Though this garden is indoors the feel in the pictures is much like our Chinese Gardens in Portland. I just love the serenity.

Angela McRae said...

I'd say you made the right choice!

Rosemary said...
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