Monday, June 17, 2013

Skunk Cabbage

Like the common name suggests this plant smells of skunk!  Huge leaves, it is found in shaded, swampy areas.  A hardy perennial this is one of the plants that has survived the ice age.  The roots are quite large and round and are said to help with ring worm.  It is edible -- but you have to get by the skunk smell and the tingling sensation it leaves in your mouth. I would say it is edible but only if we are in an ice age.   Symplocarpus foetidus,  this is the Eastern Skunk Cabbage but it is very closely related to the Western skunk cabbage.  The flowers come up very early in the spring. 


Marilyn said...

When we were hiking on Thursday of last week we saw the Western Skunk Cabbage and were disappointed there were no blossoms. They actually are quite attractive when blooming. Now if we ever go back to the ice age I will know what to eat.

Angela McRae said...

"I would say it is edible but only if we are in an ice age." That is hilarious! (I always learn such fun things here!)