Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'Do-it-Yourself' Decorative Sugar

The candy molds are perfect for making your own sugar designs for your next afternoon tea party. They are very easy to make, and will last indefinitely.
The Recipe: Blend 2 c. granulated sugar with 4 tsp. water in a bowl. Mix with a fork until it has the consistency of wet sand. Press a small portion of the sugar evenly into each mold. Fill several molds at a time.
Pop the sugar out of the mold onto wax paper. They practically fall out of the mold when you turn it over! Let the sugar pieces dry overnight. Pack in an airtight container to have available when you need them. This proportion of sugar to water will yield approx. 120 sugar pieces.

If desired, you might want to add a touch of food coloring.

 These make such a fun and clever addition to the tea table.
http://www.therosemaryhouse.com/category/Gadgets-and-Goodies-11 Follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the assortment of different molds available in the shop or by mail order from The Rosemary House.


Angela McRae said...

The green decorative sugars look perfect for a St. Patrick's Day tea!

Marilyn said...

Very pretty. Like the green leaves. Just don't use sugar to serve tea. I have some special sugar that has been sitting on my shelf for years.