Saturday, August 16, 2014

Latz's By The Bay

We recently visited Latz's By The Bay in Somers Point, NJ. This specialty restaurant features Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch including a Creperie, Private Parties, and Afternoon Tea (Tea at the Top) served on the second floor. A dynamic husband and wife duo, Andrew and Adrienne, are fourth generation restaurateurs that operate this family business. Adrienne is the inspiration behind adding the tea room to the well established 5-star restaurant.

A classy elegance is captured with the beige linen tablecloths and window dressings. The same muted beige tones are repeated in the china. Dragonflies and ladybugs, featured on the china are repeated on the tablecloths.

 An  abundant colorful summer salad with fresh fruits, berries, onions,
and raspberry balsamic vinaigrette was offered first.

The three tiered tea tray followed the salad course. Scones, sandwiches and desserts completed the variety of afternoon tea treats.

The scones, a Scottish recipe, were cranberry (left) and coconut (right) served with a Devon cream and Orange Curd.

The sandwiches were all quite yummy and included a cucumber sandwich, a miniature quiche, sliced turkey with strawberry and balsamic drizzle, their famous crab cake sandwich, and roast beef with horseradish.

Vegetarian Option
The desserts were plentiful and monogramed! The miniature cream brulee with blueberries was delicious. Chocolate is always popular in our family. Miniature cakes, cheesecake, and cookies completed the assortment. They have a pastry chef that is quite busy putting together this assortment of sweet treats!
What a fun afternoon! This might have been Cedar's favorite tea room.... since there is a restaurant on the first floor, he was able to order off the lunch menu and was quite tickled to be able to request a hamburger and French fries! With a hint of disbelief in her voice, Adrienne, the tea room owner, commented that this was the first time ever that a hamburger and fries were served in her tea room!


Time Traveling in Costume said...

I might be able to get my hubby to go to more tearooms (probably not) if he had an option of ordering non-tea food for himself. But would probably shock the other customers.

Marilyn said...

I just love Cedar's smile at being served a hamburger and fries. The afternoon tea looked beautiful and colorful too.

Angela McRae said...

How funny to see that burger and fries on the tea table! (But good for Cedar!)