Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fenway Park, Boston - Rooftop Garden

Take me out to the ballpark and we can find a garden anywhere, even in the behind the scenes tour of the famous Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox since 1912. This tour included all the ballpark trivia including the movies it has been featured in and all the concerts held here. We had a view from the cheap seats, the best seats (above the green monster) and the press box. 

The Red Sox Nation culture, feeling and history was discussed and a quick peek into the visiting teams locker room were all featured in this hour-long walking tour of this park. The added perks of hearing BIL Phil reminisce about his childhood visits to the park made the tour extra special and personal. 

But what we loved was the garden! This rooftop green space was recently planted in the Spring of 2015 and transformed an old rubber roof into a fruitful green space. This 1,800 square foot garden yields fresh grown herbs and veggies that are served in the ball park restaurant.

Two local Somerville firms, Recover Green Roofs and Green City Growers collaboroated with The Red Sox in building this beautiful green space overlooking Boston rooftops. It has been nicknamed "Fenway Farms".
Also spotted while on our ballpark tour was this Bigelow tea advertisement. Herbs and Tea! Yeah, team! We love Boston, too!

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That's a fun place for a garden!