Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Treasures from Friends

Every other month, a group of friends visit Sweet Remembrances for Afternoon Tea. They are a happy lot of work buddies - some are still in the work place, others have since retired - but they gather together to laugh over old times and keep up with friendships forged over the years. During their last visit, they surprised me with an amazing tea themed gift. Nestled in a red cloth box was the most intricate little tea set made using natural bird egg shells.

The set, from Mexico, included a petite tea pot crafted with the whole egg, a sugar and creamer also made with the whole egg, and six amazingly delicate little tea cups using half shells that are nestled in small brass fittings to resemble a tea cup. This is the most unique tea set I've ever seen! And it came with a glass display box.
Cleverly artistic sister Marj, arranged the tea set in the glass box and tucked geodes, thin pieces of sliced rock, and feathers to compliment the set. What a beautiful treasure to display in the tea room. Thank you so much to fellow tea fanatics that simply knew I would adore this special tea set!


janice15 said...

Totally adorable I would have never though. How very sweet of your dear friends to give this to you. A gift to treasure. With love Janice

martea said...

It is the most unusual tea set. What special friends and what a nice job your sister did with the display! Thanks so much for sharing.

Marilyn Miller said...

Wow! What a thoughtful and unusual teaset gift. The display is beautiful.