Monday, December 4, 2017

Annual Holiday Workshop & Tea

A popular joyful tradition around here is the annual Holiday Workshop and Tea. This festive event combines two fun activities - creating a simple craft and then the elves rush into the "craft area" and transform it back into a tea room. Before the craft begins, we take tea orders from so we can brew the tea and have it ready once everyone has completed their handiwork. This year's craft was an adorable ribbon tree ornament with star anise topper. Under the guided tutelage of Susanna, everyone completes the task at hand. Then it's time to pour the tea.

For starters, a Romaine Salad with fresh apples, spiced pecans, Parmesan cheese, and craisins topped with a fresh Cranberry oil and vinegar dressing was served.

A festive plate full of yummy sandwiches was next. Check out the menu posted below.

The scone plate included Traditional English Cream Scones and White Chocolate Apricot Scones accompanied by Sweet Cream and Apricot Preserves and fresh fruit. A real treat, our scones are baked while the sandwiches are being consumed, and served fresh and hot from the oven.

The dessert medley was decorated for the holiday season with icing holly leaves on the Chocolate Coconut Bon Bons, flavorful peppermint pieces on the meltaway cookie, and chocolate shavings on the eggnog cheesecake. 'Tis the season!
(In order to read the menu, click on the photo to enlarge it.)

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Marilyn Miller said...

Yummm! I do believe that teacup is the same as my one and only Christmas teacup. Tomorrow I will finally have time to think of a little Christmas baking and food. Love the craft idea. I saw that some where recently and thought how fun that would be to do.