Monday, February 10, 2020

Book Folding

Altered books, or book folding, is a perfect way to re-purpose an old book. A talented friend gifted me with this tea time book folded treasure and introduced me to this art form. This was a 'new to me' craft, but upon googling book folding, there are some very elaborate designs to create. There is an abundance of tutorials on you-tube, and a variety of patterns that you can purchase to create your own folded art sculpture. Check out Etsy for inexpensive patterns. Before beginning your project, you will need a hardcover book that fits the requirements for the end product. You want to make sure you have enough pages in the book to complete the design! Each page has specific folds to create your masterpiece. 

Check out Gail True's website here for a peek into the many other designs she has crafted.
Special thanks to Gail for thinking of me and sharing her talent! 
Love having this work of art on display in the tea room.


Marilyn Miller said...

I love, love this art form. There is another blog I follow where Vivian Swift makes castles coming from the pages of old books. They are amazing. I love all art forms I have seen made from old books.

Angela McRae said...

This is the prettiest one of these I've ever seen, and what a super thoughtful gift for you! Now where did I put that old book … ;)