Friday, May 22, 2020

Mosquitoes attack? Get 'em!

We take our battle to coexist with the Mosquitoes seriously! As folks who like to eat at the picnic table or enjoy a good book outside, being attacked by mosquitoes is not fun. And to the bugs we simply say "Git". Get away from here. "Git Spritz" spray or the solid "Git Stick" both are very effective for keeping the pests at bay. Made locally by Lancaster County Soaps, this spritz is a great combination of essential oils that chases the bugs, smells pleasant, is safer to use and is nice and light on the skin. The solid stick is a favorite of ours tucked in the back pack as it won't spill.
The second part of our "Git" plan is to burn incense. This Lavender Citronella incense is excellent.  We have short sticks which burn for an hour. We simply poke the incense into our patio planter. This incense is great when we are sitting and reading. If we are at the picnic table we burn two sticks at a time, one above the table and one below the table.  Also available are the Yard Sticks which will burn for three hours, perfect for long quiet evenings outside. The yard sticks come in three scents Lavender Citronella, Lemon Citronella and Sandalwood Citronella. These are made in Ohio.
The final phase of our "Git" attack is the Moskito Shocker scented geranium. This lemon scented geranium with lovely small pink flowers has three times more essential oil content. We grow this in a planter on the patio. It will take sun or part sun. Water weekly. We pluck off a leaf and rub that leaf on our arms, ankles, neck to deter the pests. It is quite fragrant.

 And that is how we social distance from the Mosquitoes!

All of these are available in our gift shop, The Rosemary House or via mail order.
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Marilyn Miller said...

It's hard to think of mosquitoes when mostly stuck inside on this rainy day, but certainly it will come.