Sunday, October 25, 2020

Halloween Tea - 2020

 Our annual Halloween Teas, held twice during October, feature special touches throughout the menu. Creepy Crawly Coleslaw was the first course served after our guests received their pots of tea. If you look closely at the photo, you'll see tiny edible bats adorned the salad plate. They complement the black paper bats that are flying above the centerpiece.

A variety of sandwiches were served after the salad. Here you'll find The Great Pumpkin Cheese Sandwich with a touch of parsley garnish, the ever popular Toasty Ghosty with parmesan cheese, the Sweet and Savory Spooktacular Bat has a cheddar cheese filling with strawberry jam on the pumpernickel bread, Queen Adelaide's Coffin with a ham and chicken salad filling, and in the center, a Witches Eye made with our popular French Style Cheese Spread, radishes, and an olive eyeball.

The next course includes A Ghost of an English Cream Scone alongside a Pumpkin Pecan Scone. Sweet Cream and Cranberry Orange Curd plus fresh orange slices and a jellied candy pumpkin complete the plate.

For the Dessert course; 
Be prepared for a Zombie invasion (or chocolate cupcake, chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles, with a Zombie hand), Witches Finger (if you dare) (a green chocolate covered pretzel with an almond fingernail), and Never look directly into the Ogre's Eye (a matcha flavored cookie with chocolate ganache and candy eyeball). 
                               May your Halloween be creepy and super spooktacular!                                                                                    


Marilyn Miller said...

I love your Halloween teatime. I made the matcha cookies, but my matcha wasn't as green. My grandson liked them anyway.

Unknown said...

What a fun tea!

Angela McRae said...

What fun, and I see lots of creativity here! Sure will be glad when I can go to tea again (but we suffer from a lack of tearooms as much as anything!).