Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Today we turn the calendar to the last month of 2020. December brings frigid temps amid eager anticipation of the holiday season. This holiday teacup is a souvenir of our memorable visit to the Butchart Gardens near Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada. It always brings forth a wave of memories of a glorious garden, beautiful flowers around every turn, colorful blossoms in every corner each garden more beautiful than the previous one. We also enjoyed Afternoon Tea in the library, another fond memory! This teacup is full of lovely memories!


martea said...

A teacup full of memories! Isn't that what is so special about a cup of tea or the cup itself....

So grateful that my cups of tea are filled with memories of so many different things and special people, including tea at Butchart Gardens.

Thanks for your post that jogs those memories.

Marilyn Miller said...

Teacups with memories are the very best. I love knowing you had tea in one of my favorite places. Now I want to go back, maybe in 2021.