Saturday, May 8, 2021

Celebrating National Herb Week

Our annual celebration for National Herb Week took place this past Thursday evening in the garden. Masked up, distanced (unless with your own pod), and outside in the open air, Susanna guided a tour of the gardens. Last year we hosted a video tour of the gardens, so it was particularly enjoyable to welcome a host of guests to the garden for an in person touching, tasting, smelling tour. Susanna led the group around the gardens, explaining certain herbs, sharing our favorites, pointing out the hops, the fig tree, our rosemary plants and more. Questions answered, info shared, and pleasant weather all made for an enjoyable evening.

The garden tour concluded with an assortment of herbal goodies to sample. Nancy prepared individually plated herbal treats that featured Parsley, the herb of the year. Guests enjoyed local salad greens topped with a creamy parsley dressing, a petite baking powder biscuit that included parsley and spring onion, a cracker topped with parsley butter, a lemon currant cookie, and a refreshing basil julep.
The evening concluded with the guests creating a Herbal Dip Blend of their own design. Susanna provided a variety of dried culinary herbs; parsley, garlic, dill,  basil, etc. to mix and blend in a small baggie. Once completed, guests are encouraged to prepare the basic dip recipe at home using their unique blend of herbs mixed with mayonnaise and sour cream to serve with veggies or chips. 

Happy National Herb Week 2021! Celebrating 'Parsley', Herb of the Year!


Mama said...

This evening was fantastic! Susanna was very informative and captivating....Nancy provided delicious parsley filled treats and refreshing drink! Thank you SO much!

Marilyn Miller said...

This event sounds just wonderful. Wishing I could attend these herbal events, but alas I am too far away.