Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Piccadilly Coffee & Tea House, Lancaster, PA

Earlier this year, a 'girl's getaway' coupled with a birthday celebration took us on a quick jaunt to Lancaster, PA to Piccadilly Coffee & Tea House. This casual destination satisfies both the coffee drinker and the tea connoisseur as it cleverly divides the modern coffee area from the traditional tea house seating area. Of course, we enjoyed the afternoon tea part of this location.
There is a wide assortment of teas to select, always making it a difficult choice! Our group of four each chose a different flavor, offering the chance for each of us to sample the others selection. We had a range of flavors from a lovely herbal, spicy chai, and traditional black tea. The tea was brought to the table with a small timer and instructions to enjoy your tea after the steeping time ended.

The tiered tray was laden with a wide variety of sandwiches, scones and desserts.

We were eager to sample and savor the variety on the tier. And happy to be enjoying a Sunday afternoon tea with friend Patti who met us here.
 This is the view looking back into the coffee shop area while seated in the tea house area. The cushioned blue chairs are part of the tea room section. 

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Marilyn Miller said...

Love the blue chairs.
The tiered server looks delicious.
How fun to have a girl's gathering for tea.