Sunday, January 30, 2022

Forney House Bed & Breakfast/Tea Room

The Royal Tea Club of York PA hosted a private event at the Forney House Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room in early November of last year. Susanna and I are members of the Royal Tea Club, and we try to attend an event or two during the year. We were thrilled that our calendar was open for this adventure and we journeyed south to Hanover, PA to join fellow members of the club for friendship and fun over a pot of tea.

The tea room is divided into several rooms, and we were seated in a parlor that held a large table set for eight.

Once we were seated, the wait staff offered an assortment of flavored teas. They carry 'True Honey' tea which features honey infused black flavored teas. There was a Ginger Lemon Zest and also Honey Almond black tea. Large pots were placed at each end of the table

The first course was a hearty butternut squash soup, their vegetarian option. Warming and flavorful, it was a good way to start our Afternoon Tea. They also offered a Chicken and Dumpling Soup which looked tasty, too.

A salad bowl with fresh mixed greens, craisins, pecans and a lovely light poppy seed dressing was offered next.

The tiered tray came laden with an assortment of delicious tea time treats. Sandwiches, scones, and desserts to be shared between four of us. It was a bountiful display of seasonal treats, all meant to be savored and enjoyed with hot tea.

The sandwiches included an Egg Salad (or chicken salad) Croissant, Veggie Spiral, Cucumber Tea Sandwich, and Pepper Jam with a Wheat Cracker.
The scone was a glazed Orange Scone with clotted cream and orange curd.

And dessert included Pumpkin Nut Roll, Italian wedding cookie and Spice Cupcake with ginger buttercream frosting.

This was their menu for November 2021. It looks like they change the menu monthly. 

We had a lovely visit here, and savored all the tea time treats with friends.

The tea room is lovingly appointed with treasures throughout the rooms. Here's a look at some of the tea time décor


Marilyn Miller said...

What a treat! It looks delicious!
So fun to "see" you today over tea.

Bernideen said...

What a beautiful location for Afternoon Tea! And you get to enjoy instead of create it! Good for you.