Sunday, March 17, 2024

Happy St. Patrick's Day Afternoon Tea

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day in the tea room with our annual tea. The tables were set with cheerful green shamrocks and gold chocolate coins. Shamrocks decorated the tea list and the menu.

The first course was an Emerald Isle Kiwi & Blueberry Salad with fresh zested lemon dressing, topped with blueberries, kiwi pieces, and shredded KerryGold Dubliner Cheese. Various specialty tea offering included Irish Whiskey Cream Tea, Irish Breakfast Tea, Creamy Irish Breakfast, or Shamrocks & Shenanigans Tea. The Shamrocks & Shenanigans tea is a whimsical blend of chocolate strawberry flavor with shamrock candy pieces and ice cream bits. Delicious hot or iced. These specialty teas are still available at The Rosemary House for a limited time.
The sandwich course included Savory Feta Shamrock Sandwich, Blue Cheese & Asparagus Rollup, Good Luck! Goat Cheese Tomato Tartlet, a Top O' the Mornin' Reuben Wrap, Good Cheer! Wee Cottage Pie, and Grannie's Flavorful Sausage Roll. Many of the sandwiches featured were served warm from the oven.
Next up, scones and tea breads which included Orange Marmalade Tea Bread and Luck of the Irish Soda Bread Scone served with Sweet Cream and Lemon Curd alongside fresh orange slices and dried Kiwi pieces.
The dessert medley featured Lucky Leprechaun's Very Minty Trifle, Lad & Lassies Irish Cream Truffle Fudge, and Old Irish Pub Chocolate Guinness Cake. A sweet ending to a festive tea time. Following dessert, we welcomed some step dances from Coyle's School of Irish Dancing. With the upbeat music, the fancy footwork, and energetic stepping, it was an uplifting way to end the day. Sweet Remembrances shared a live video on their Facebook page which can be viewed here.
May you always have
walls for the winds, 
a roof for the rain, 
tea beside the fire, 
laughter to cheer you, 
those you love near you, 
and all your heart might desire.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Marilyn Miller said...

Now I was just thinking today how I would like to go have tea somewhere. Oh, this does look sooooo good and wishing I could have sat at your table.

relevanttealeaf said...

What a wonderful St. Patrick's tea with an outstanding menu.

Bernideen said...

Your selections are always so professional (as expected) and look so attractively presented.