Thursday, June 27, 2024

A Lovely Lavender Afternoon Tea

Summertime in the herb garden means the lavender is in full bloom, and it's time to create an afternoon tea menu centered around lovely lavender.
Our first course featured Mixed Salad Greens with fresh summer berries, topped with freshly grated mild cheddar cheese and all dressed with a Lavender Balsamic Dressing.

The assortment of tea sandwiches included Sliced Turkey with Lavender Honey Butter on white bread, a Miniature Lavender Meatball with a touch of lavender jelly atop a piece of toasted bread, Baked Lavender Artichoke Squares, Roasted Honey Pepper Pork Crostini with Lavender Mustard and sprouts, and a Cucumber Lavender Mint Sandwich.
Lavender, both fresh and dried, is used in abundance in the many different menu options. We also incorporated Lavender Mustard (with the honey pepper pork) and Lavender Jelly (with the meatballs, and also the cucumber sandwich). They both imparted an additional flavor layer to the tea party. Danika's jelly and mustard are available in The Rosemary House, along with other popular flavors including a yummy pepper jelly and flavorful garlic mustard. The Lavender Jelly is particularly enjoyable mixed with cream cheese and used as a sandwich spread. The jelly not only flavors the cream cheese, but makes it easily spreadable.

We also served a Lavender Sage Golden Raisin Scone and a slice of  Blueberry Lavender Lemon Tea Bread. Sweet cream and Lavender Lemon Curd complemented them both. It's easy to add fresh or dried lavender to your favorite blueberry tea bread recipe.
The little trio of desserts placed atop a lavender themed napkin featured a White Chocolate Lavender Cheesecake, Lavender Blondie, and a Frosted Lavender Shortbread Cookie sprinkled with lavender sugar. Such a fun way to end our specialty themed Lovely Lavender Afternoon tea.


Bernideen said...

I haven't seen any tea room that serves food any more lovely and creative than yours. Really wonderful!

Marilyn Miller said...

This sounds just lovely! I love the scent of lavender, but not particularly the flavor. Yet, your teas are always so creative I certainly would want to give it a try.