Monday, February 18, 2008


Teacups, teacups, and more teacups. The original collection was started by my mother, which she gave to me when I opened the tea room, allowing her more space for her expanding collections! Most of her teacups are in this little built-in shelf unit that appears to have been built specifically for tea cups. It is tucked in a corner of the tea room, behind glass doors, silently waiting for someone to notice it. These are probably some of my older teacups, more cherished, and thus not used frequently.
This collection of teacups hangs on the wall in the tearoom, and are what I consider misfit cups. If you look closely, you might notice a chip here or there, or a handle missing, or even a plate that doesn't quite match the cup. Broken from use over the years, these cups have been retired, and add decoration to the wall. The unique shell cup in the center is a treasure a sister found for me - not a misfit, simply too pretty to use!
These beautiful violet tea cups were part of my inheritance from my dear Aunt Hilda, my mother's sister. Afraid they will get broken if I use them, they now grace the tea room, part of the many collections on display. My plan was to have tea with my mother using her sister's teacups, but sadly, my mother passed away less than 3 months after her sister, before we found time to sit down to tea. Although I have had many opportunities to take tea with my mother, we enjoyed peppermint tea (my father's favorite) in my grandmother's teapot on many cold winter evenings, the chance to share tea using these special cups was missed. Take time, make time, find time for tea with loved ones.


Linda said...

I so enjoyed the photos of these special teacups. How nice to have the teacups displayed in your tea room! It is like having a little bit of your mother and aunt there with you every day!

Gwen said...

I remember going ga-ga over all your cups but especially the violet ones!!

Tammy said...

A wonderful collection you have there!
Great Post!