Saturday, February 2, 2008

German Cuisine

While vacationing in Germany, the German cuisine that we sampled typically was hearty, meat and potatoes, but notably well seasoned with herbs. The dinner served on the round wooden plate, was a piece of grilled pork topped with two thick slices of bacon and served atop toasted bread with a flavorful gravy. The leafy lettuce green, watercress perhaps, and fresh tomato were accompanied with a tasty herb butter. On Sunday afternoon, everything is closed except for a few restaurants. We found a lovely spot in the small town of Kettenhofstetten (Bavaria) for our early meal. Another piece of pork, this was served with a thick gravy and red peppercorns which added a nice mild peppery flavor to the meat artfully arranged on a square white plate. The steamed green beans had pieces of bacon tossed with them and were accompanied with tomatoes and deep fried potatoes. All very tasty. While dining, you are not rushed to complete your meal but rather encouraged to enjoy your meal and the companionship of family and friends. The waitstaff will not present your bill until you request it. Typically, the owner will visit each table, even sit down and chat with the guests. We muddled thru with the few German words we know sprinkled with a bit of English and a lot of smiles.

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Steph said...

How lovely this was presented! I like your theme here - food, signs, windows!