Friday, November 14, 2008

In for the Winter

It is the time of year to bring houseplants inside to keep them warm over the winter. This large window creates a cozy reading nook for us to sit, rock and read. We believe "back door guests are best" and it is a good thing too since this is our foyer, and the front door is barely accessible!

What surprised me most in bringing in the plants is not how much they have grown over the summer but who hitched a ride in with the plants.......

I hope this fellow isn't any trouble this winter....
These girls nestled themselves in amongst the greenery.
We have the largest citrus grove in Mechanicsburg. Five large citrus trees come in - 1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 grapefruit and 2 orange varieties. The oranges have very fragrant blossoms on them now and I was very fortunate that this grapefruit did not fall off when the tree was jostled inside. In another month I will enjoy a home grown grapefruit treat!
With all the citrus trees, I like to close my eyes and pretend it is my own orangery, a large greenhouse designed to overwinter fruit trees popular in the 17th - 19th centuries. You might be familiar with large ones such as what is featured at Kew gardens in England, but wealthy Victorian gardeners would have some enclosures on their homes as well.


lemonverbenalady said...

The fairies should be very happy this winter! We have this project on our list.

Marilyn Miller said...

Our plants also just came in. The Norfolk Pine had grown so much. Our meyer lemon has fragrant blooms and one lemon growing. It is fun to enjoy them inside for a few months.

I love the fairies that decided to join you inside with the plants.

Steph said...

We've got the same scenario going on at my house! Every window is full with plants!

Happy chilly nights!