Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Road to the White House

or Election Day Dinner. Celebrate with us as we acknowledge
the end of the campaigning and a new beginning!

The table is set, and the menu is prepared. Tonight's special dinner, featuring recipes from White House Chefs, is prepared once every four years - not to be repeated again until 2012.
~The Menu~
LBJ's Canape Cake
James Monroe Mint Punch
Bibb Lettuce Salad with Monticello Dressing
JFK Roast Loin of Pork Saint Cloud
Buchannon's Duchess Potatoes
Asparagus with Monticello Sauce Vinaigrette
Mount Vernon Cherry Trifle
The Cookie Bake-off
Please remember to vote today!
(The miniature replica of the White House
is on display in a train exhibit in Jim Thorpe, PA)


Steph said...

oh, wow! What a wonderful tradition!

La Tea Dah said...

What a special treat! Your table is fabulous and the menu --- yummy! I love how y'all celebrate LIFE!


Anonymous said...

You do the neatest things up there in Mechanicsburg!! What a great idea. Sure wish I lived closer!!! And on a somewhat off-topic, won't it be great to have little children in the White House again???

Linda Jennings said...

You gals always do fun things! I am always amazed at what you have planned! Nice menu and beautiful table!!!

Alice said...

Such a grand menu! And your table looks gorgeous. Oh, my, can you imagine how many hours it took to make that cake.