Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Napkin Folding

Setting a special table for a Valentines gathering? Why not try your hand at folding a heart shaped napkin. Easy enough to do, showy enough to look like you took all day preparing the napkins, cute enough that the 9 year old at the table doesn't want to 'unfold' the heart.
To recreate this little heart... open a square napkin to its full size. Fold the napkin in half, bringing the bottom edge of the napkin up to the top. Line the edges evenly when folding it in half. With your finger, hold the center of the bottom fold. Bring the lower right corner to the middle of the top left edge. Repeat with the bottom left corner. (It took me a few attempts to actually produce the heart, so don't give up with your first attempt!)


comfrey cottages said...

very festive! thanks for sharing! hugs from leslie

Steph said...

Very pretty! I have found that ironing and starch makes napking folding easier.

TSS said...

I was at the book store yesterday getting some information about napkin folding for a tea I'll be 1 of 25 hosts at my church's afternoon tea gathering. (So many designs and varieties out there)

Thanks for sharing

ladyhawk said...

I always feel an especially folded napking makes the ocassion a treat. Why not incorporate a few foldings into one of your programs? Just one design would be nice!