Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reading Your Future in Tea Leaves

These two little booklets are from the 1930's. The smallest one, 'Your Future in Tea Leaves' was easily obtained by sending a label from any package of orange pekoe tea, any brand, to the Tea Market Expansion Bureau in NYC and boldly proclaims 'telling fortunes with tea leaves is Fun and wins friends!' If you learn this skill, you will be sought after at parties, and everyone will envy you your talent. The booklet features a list of symbols and their interpretation. It does caution that if the tea leaves in the cup appear all muddled together, it signifies that you are not in the mood for tea leaf reading, and that you should try later.

The Cup Reading booklet, The Ancient Art of Foretelling the Future, was distributed with compliments of the Salada Tea Company. The tea that comes to you "fresh from the gardens". With many references to Salada Tea, it includes the proper way to make good tea. It also provides instruction on preparing the cup for tea leaf reading, directions on studying the cup, and reading the symbols. It includes a handy index to common symbols; some of which include a bear (long journey), birds (good luck), clouds (success), horse (fulfillment of ambitions), ring (marriage), star (wealth, happiness), and triangle (luck, unexpected inheritance).

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Yellow Rose Arbor said...

We had tea leaves reading at a tea party once and it was so much fun!

Did your father enjoy his outing Sunday, and watch the Super Bowl? I hope he was able to do both.