Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jack and the Bean Stalk?

No, it's Phil and the Tea Pot Tree.... young Phil (given that moniker years ago so the kids wouldn't confuse him with Uncle Phil) joined our family as an apprentice gardener when he was a mere 13 years old. Our Mother was so thrilled to have a young lad with an obvious interest in gardening that she took him under her wing, taught him about herbs and offered him a job in our gardens where he has been a willing worker ever since. Now a college graduate, Young Phil is leaving our herbal compound to pursue other artistic avenues, but one last visit before he heads North included adding a few more tea pots to our recycled/repurposed tea pot tree. Barefooted, he shimmies up the tree and attaches chipped, cracked, lidless pots to branches of the pussy willow tree. (I'm not certain Susanna will do the same, but time will tell.) Good Luck with your new adventures Phil!

We will miss your smiling face and pleasant disposition.
(P.S. We gladly accept any old tea pots
and will proudly hang them in the tree.)


Marilyn Miller said...

I am sure you will all miss Phil. What a great tradition of hanging the teapots in the tree. We usually plant something in ours.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Phil. It was fun when our paths crossed at the art center and Rosemary House. - jp

Denise at Uniquely Tea said...

Best wishes to Phil. He'll have quite the story to tell others about your teapot tree! I *love* that idea!