Sunday, May 24, 2009

Too many directions!

Dear Reader~
Please forgive our absence these past few days. Our lives have taken many directions, mostly hectic, with the gardens, a Rosemary House traveling bus seminar, the Herb Festival in Baltimore, an extraordinary week-long visit with our CA cousins (read that lunch and dinner for 13 many days in a row), and WWOOF'ers too (willing workers on organic farms ~ in our case, herb 'farm'), plus gardener night and the usual other family stuff too. Oh my. I promise we will be back in full blogging form very soon! We can only hope that things will quiet down so that we might catch our breath before the next series of activities. Enjoy the beautiful days! The winter chill has finally passed and in between the hustle and bustle, we are enjoying beautiful sunny warm days, awakened each morning with a variety of bird songs.

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