Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Children's Tea Sets

A few of my children's tea sets have been moved to center stage for our Please Read to Me Tea tomorrow. This delightful afternoon includes child friendly tea party food, a grown up sandwich or two, some pink lemonade and/or tea for the kids and the moms.
The miniature tea sets will be placed on the tables as centerpieces within easy reach of little hands to play tea party.

This tea set, Made in Japan, is on permanent display in the tea room, and marks the beginning of my interest in tea. A gift from my Aunt, many many years ago, it was my first tea set. Dolls, bears, and imaginary friends sipped hot water from these cups as we pretended to savor the special delights of afternoon tea. Complete with a casserole dish, salt and pepper shakers, and another serving bowl, it's not your ordinary tea set. Chips and cracks commemorate the joy and pleasure of many hours of enjoyment from this simple gift.


Martha said...

How sweet -- I don't have any children's dishes but I have gifted small girls with them.

Anonymous said...

Love your wonderful tea set collection. Makes me want to dig through the boxes and find my collection. Some day china tea sets will be replaced with plastic and other such materials. I regret that my sister and I demolished two Blue Willow sets as children. -jp