Friday, July 17, 2009

Fairy Gardens

Earlier this spring we had a workshop where everyone planted their own fairy garden in a rustic trough. The class was for children and mom's working together and the creative results are always so exciting to see! After planting the garden they could decorate it with picket fences, arbors, stone garden paths, swimming pools and whatever other clever ideas they came up with. All fairy-sized of course.
We used a miniature thyme appropriately named "Elfin Thyme" which the fairies love to nap upon, a miniature Lavender called "Thumbelina", a dwarf grey leafed sage which is used to make bedding and blankets plus the grey foliage reflects the moonlight for those all night parties!
We topped off the whole project with lots and lots and a wee bit more glitter. Nothing attracts the wee folk more than sparkles! Finally, ask the fairies to enter your garden
and ~*believe*~ that it will happen.


parTea lady said...

What a nice workshop for moms to spend time with their daughters. Also a great way to teach the kids about herbs and how to use them while having fun together.

Martha said...

There is a fairy garden at Linderhof -- in an old wheel barrow -- complete with a house. Sometimes we find a fairy there.

Bernideen said...

How very cute!

Marilyn Miller said...

How perfect for attracting those little fairies. I will have to remember to put some of those plants in my garden. More fairies are requested to visit and maybe new plants would help them feel at home.

What a perfect activity for moms and the little ones.