Friday, October 8, 2010

Blooming Tea

These two hand rolled and hand tied green tea 'blossoms' were a gift from my sister Marj, treasures she found while traveling in Germany. Long green tea leaves are rolled and tied into this pyramidal shape, and then a blossom slowly emerges when steeped in not-quite boiling water.Notice the leaves starting to unfurl.
After completely steeping, this sweet little blossom opens up to reveal three petite rosebuds in the center. There are many different types of blossoming teas, also referred to as blooming teas or flowering teas. Some include different colored flowers such as globe amaranth that are unveiled after the leaves open. It must require such patience to craft these delicate little blossoms, but what a fun way to enjoy a cup of green tea.


Marilyn said...

These are always so fun. I haven't seen one in quite that shape before.

Blooming Teas said...

I love your enthuiasm and writing style. I am looking forward on reading the next hub. Rated up.