Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Magic by Marj

Our most recent special event at The Rosemary House welcomed sister Marj who shared tips on decorating, gift giving and entertaining for the holidays. This fast paced evening was a load of fun as Marj demonstrated one clever idea after another. Then as each idea was shown, she drew an attendees name out of the bag and everyone left with a treasure. These pine cones had their tips dipped in glue and then glitter was added. Package in an old mason jar with some batting and you have a charming snowy centerpiece.
Old recycled Christmas lights in an apothecary jar tucked in the corner of the bookcase, is both instant decor and quietly elicits fond memories of Christmas past. A simple hearth basket laden with greens from the garden, pine cones and a few white roses that are in water picks and you have a stunning entryway arrangement for winter or New Years.

Included in the workshop was a quick lesson on bow making and a few holiday treats including this unique and flavorful combination of Brie cheese and gingersnaps (try it!) The faux silver platter was a dollar store find and the silvery decoration was recycled from a helium balloon display. She easily had 30 other hints, tips, shortcuts and fun ideas making this class a holiday favorite.


Marilyn Miller said...

What a fun event. I could use the bow making lesson. The brie and gingersnaps sound interesting. I think I would have to for sure try it.

parTea lady said...

Sounds like a wonderful event with lots of great holiday ideas.