Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tabletop Teapot Tree

This delightful little tabletop tree decorates one of the rooms in the tea room. It hosts a wide variety of tea themed ornaments accumulated over the years. Not only ornaments though, if you look closely, you might discover a unique shaped tea strainer, actually too small to really be functional for making tea but simply perfect as an ornament on a tea themed tree. There are even a few pieces of jewelry that have been used to decorate this tree. This little montage of pictures will give you an idea of some of the ornaments that can be found. Years of collecting have produced a fun and cheerful tree that elicits many comments from tea room visitors. You'll find a colorful Mary Engelbreit teapot or a sweet teapot kitty. Even a clay teapot carried back from Peru as a souvenir many years ago has found a special spot on this tree.


Linda J. said...

I love seeing your teapot tree! We have some of the same ornaments, but also many different ones.

parTea lady said...

What a great collection of ornaments you have on your tea tree.

Mine is in my dining room at home. This year I'm adding five new pieces. It is fun to search out these tea theme ornaments, isn't it?

Marilyn said...

I always love seeing your collection of miniature tea ornaments. It is amazing how many different ones are out there.