Monday, March 5, 2012

Universal Studios Butterfly Garden

 This is what I could see from the "Garden View" Window of our hotel.  It was colorful and enticing I didn't know what it was but I knew I wanted to see more!
 This is what it was.  A giant butterfly made out of orange and yellow marigolds.  But it was actually a lot more than that.
  It was clearly labeled at both entrances  with the butterflies you might be lucky enough to find here. As well as what the plants were and their significance to the pretty butterflies.
Around the sides it had many other flowers in bloom, masses of color to attract the eyes of the butterfly to the nectar.
But most importantly, it also provided larvae plants.  Plants that the butterfly caterpillars can feed upon.  Here is Rosemary and Chervil.  Many other herbs were in the garden too such as parsley and fennel.  Thanks to Universal for such a fun garden to wander through!


Angela McRae said...

How fun! And I was just reading an article on butterfly gardening, so maybe this is trying to tell me something!

Marilyn Miller said...

Did you see any butterflies? How fun to visit and learn more about butterfly gardens.