Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ginger Honey Syrup

This is so fun and so easy to do.  Peel and slice the whole ginger root (say about 1 C) and add it to your wide mouth jar.  Add in 2 C  honey, making sure the ginger is covered, and let rest for a week or so.  The honey immediately begins pulling the juices out of the ginger to create a syrup.  It doesn't take long at all until the honey is the viscosity of a syrup.  At this point it is time to pour off the syrup and reserve the ginger for stir fries.   Honey is a great preservative but since it has been altered,  I add some smooth brandy to it as an additional preservative.   One cup of Brandy per quart of the elixir is a good proportion.   Use this honey to sweeten your tea or add to your Fire Cider or add to any other formula to sweeten it.    This same recipe will also work with lemons in place of the ginger.