Monday, February 3, 2014

Costa Rican Cuisine

A sampling of the variety of foods that we enjoyed during our journey to Costa Rica - plantains were served in a variety of ways, and typically with each meal. Shown here, a fried plantain with melted cheese over top. This was at a little stop in Sarchi, Costa Rica.

This platter is a delicious composition of Nachos and cheese with tomatoes and black beans. Also at the stop in Sarchi. And another lunch platter with rice and beans, plantains, and sautéed mixed veggies.

Breakfast buffet at the Arenal Observatory Lodge was included with our lodging. Fresh sweet fruit, pineapple, watermelon and papaya, along with sautéed plantains and rice and beans. They also prepared scrambled eggs and hash browns.

Salad options were always presented with such attention to detail and beauty. Fresh veggies, fresh fruits, and special presentation made each salad stand out.

And at a stop in San Jose, this platter served on plantain leaves included sliced beef with onions and peppers covered in melted cheese alongside salsa and black beans to prepare your own wraps.Caramelized plantains added to the meal.


Marilyn said...

With each picture I thought "oh this is my favorite", but no I have decided all of them are my favorite. What a wonderful food treat you found all along the way. Plantains seem to play a part of most of the plates. Yummm!

Angela McRae said...

Mmmm ... I certainly would have enjoyed sampling all these flavors!