Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Napkin Folding - a Rose

Here's something fun for Valentine's Day - fold your napkin into a rose! Quietly convey a subtle statement about love with this fun napkin folding technique. In the language of flowers, roses symbolize love.

Take a large square napkin and fold it into a triangle.
 Beginning at the wide top edge, fold the napkin over and over and over, stopping slightly over half way. These two loose ends will form the leaves for the rose so it's important to have just the right amount!
 Then, starting at the farthest right hand side, tightly roll the entire napkin towards the left.
 This is the trickiest part, when you can't roll the napkin any more,
tuck that last bit of edge into bottom of the roll.

 Stand the rose upside down, and pull the 'leaves' out, each going opposite directions.

 Turn it over, and voila, you have a beautiful rose napkin!
 A very special thank you to Betsy for sharing this creative napkin folding technique with me! Our Valentine's Day teas will be extra special this year.


Marilyn Miller said...

The rose is beautiful.
How fun to see how it was made.

Linda Jennings said...

This napkin rose is the perfect final touch for a Valentine's table! Thanks for sharing.

relevanttealeaf said...

The napkin rose for Valentine's Day is a wonderful tablescape enhancement. I'm sure your guests loved it.

Angela McRae said...

I do believe I could do this! Thanks for sharing the technique!

Unknown said...

Oh Thank you! These are amazing and easy! Everyone will be impressed!!